Rita is an Australian indie author with a passion for creating new worlds, art, pop culture and Italian cuisine. She currently lives in Melbourne along with her pet dog, cat and goldfish


Welcome to SPFM, Rita! Since we already have your bio, describe yourself in three words.

Creative, kind, nerd.


Summarize your book, Amulet of Wishes, using one gif.


If you could recommend three self-published books, which would you choose and why?

The Oracle Stone by Talli L. Morgan. It’s such a fun high-fantasy tale with a cleverly written plot and characters that I just love.

The Fate of the Stars by S.D. Simper. This book was such a breath of fresh air and I adore the meticulous detail that went into the world-building. I can’t wait to start reading the next books in the series.

Moon-Sitting by E.M. Harding. I was so engrossed by this novella with its intrigues and plot twists. It even had me on the edge of my seat more than once while I was reading.


What is your favorite part, and your least favorite part of self-publishing?

The first original story I wrote was about talking wolves that lived in a magical forest and they had to stop an evil ogre from taking over.


When did you start writing?

I first started writing when I was eleven. I’d just finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and I wanted more so I thought, why not create my own sequel? I think I only wrote one or two chapters before I got bored and gave up on it though.


How did you know you wanted to write this genre?

I’ve always loved fantasy. Even when I was little there was something about fantasy that intrigued me. I can’t imagine having the same passion for a project if I couldn’t write it as a fantasy. 


What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?

For me, it was commissioning someone to create my book cover. I don’t really have the tools or the know-how to create a professional-looking book cover but it was really important to me that my book had the best cover possible. 


Give a shoutout to a fellow author

I’m going to give a shoutout to A.D. Wills for always being fun to chat with.


Do you use any special writing software?

To keep my worldbuilding in one organized place, I use Notion app. There’s endless possibility to customize the template depending on my need for a specific topic like the religions of the world, or the list of kings of a certain kingdom, etc. It’s also stored in cloud, so it can sync with my other devices if I want to write on the go.


If Amulet of Wishes were made into a movie, which actor would play your MC?

I’ve never really imagined Amulet of Wishes as having anything but an animated adaptation so the actors I would have to voice my characters are:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Derek)

Aimee Carrero (Arabelle)

Henry Cavill (Darus)

Jeremy Shada (Jared)

Michelle Pfeiffer (Aurelia)

Idris Elba (Durbash)


What is the funniest typo you’ve ever written?

Once instead of writing “no” I accidentally wrote “ni” which just made me think of The Knights Who Say Ni from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

About Amulet of Wishes (Chronicles of the Guardians  #1)

The Guardians are the protectors of Aloseria. They are the keepers of the peace and they have a unique ability-they can turn into dragons. Derek Draco is one of them. Haunted by the memories of his past, Derek comes across a piece of a mythical amulet, said to hold the power to grant wishes once all three pieces are brought together. Seeing an opportunity to right the wrongs of his past, Derek sets out on a journey to find the rest of the amulet, along with his friends, Jared and Arabelle. However, Derek is unaware of the true power of the amulet and using it to fulfil his seemingly innocent wish could have disastrous consequences.